Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Yesterday. Me and my friend Dylan Chicken were really craving chicken nuggets and decided to go to chik-fil-a to get some.

He had been talking earlier in the week about getting a 200 piece cater deal and have a chicken nugget party, WHICH SOUNDS SO FUCKING COOL!!!! (Here's Dylan with the cater menu and the magically image of 200 chicken nuggets.)

The idea itself made us hungry so we went to the mall. Had to get some chicken nuggets... right now!

This is Dylan Chicken eating chi
cken... sooooo much chicken.

This was mine. rollin on 24's

(I was gonna make it a animated gif but it would take too long as it already did take too long just figuring out how to put animated images on a blog.)

God i hate chick-fil-a

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