Sunday, May 31, 2009


Country Chicken
The menu said it is juicy and tender
I ordered it,
it was horrible.

Watermelon tastes like honey
iron smells like lavender
a cat's eye looks of pale winter
my man, you've gone mad

The Attack
An evil girl,
wait a minute-
some man.
A spider has been waiting.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Departing from Phoenix

there is something about this photo that makes me want to get up and go..

First Post

Starting this.

This is Sean

This is larry

These guys are friends who live miles apart. one's in sunshine arizona while the others living a gloomy life in a college town in the unproductive midwest. They have the dream of going to hollywood (although larry is hesitant to go to a septic pool of dark matter, but that's where the money is!!!). Larry, i think, is studying something (might be theatre, i'm not sure) and doing DIY short films, writing plays/poems, taking pictures. Sean's a working man. He's reading right now. Don't bother him.

This blog has been made to give each persons an outlet for ideas and thought, in hopes to reunite in (the least) a metaphysical sense.
Anyway, i always wanted a blog. Expect stories, jokes, words and lots of picture.

Thank you, and inspire us.

Since there's not much on their blog at this time, please enjoy viewing pictures taken by larry on his flickr.