Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I've been lazy and playing video games a lot. It's fun and all but i gotta get back to work! here's what i'm looking at right now. It's just a flickr group gallery, thats what i'm doing RIGHT NOW. Oh and waiting for a friend to go get something to eat.
I've recently been to chicago and milwaukee with a few friends to take pictures and...

Zack's stuff. I'm not sure if he uploaded his chicago/milwaukee pictures or not.

The other Zach hasn't finished his roll of film yet. But as we wait, here's
his flickr.

a fav

I would link up a few pictures that my friend Nick uploaded but they are on facebook and you gotta sign in and all that bull. I told him to put em on flickr... When he does i'll link it.

Here's the gang

Here are some new ones i took on my flickr and a few more to come soon i swear.

Here are some of my favs

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Remember the post of my new love?
Here she is again.

Great singer but listen to her speak... so soft...

Monday, June 22, 2009


Thanks to a Drunk

I had some food while i was reading or
reading while eating.

i've been an angry fellow

maybe it was the seat.

The class in the morning was philosophy.

Thanks to goodness I'll have something to concentrate my thoughts,

as i was feeling lighter than ever.

reading poems from hell,

life looked more enjoyable.


thanks to Bukowski

I walk into my house straight to the john

maybe it was my hand that was wet.

i sat there and gasped

A beer in hand


Bye Battle

If christianity is to win

and islam is to fight

and judaism is to watch

I hope buddhism is still alive

Voy La

I watch some monks walk
into a room
I peeked to make sure nothing was wrong
A miss sleeps in that room
As the monks surround her
i knew
why they wear their cloaks.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

no beauty of the day for a while. i haven't been impressed at all. good job girls.


This is a teaser for a video that probably will never come out.

So i promised to explain the name.

i had the bright (dumb) idea to film skating cause both my ankles have gone kaputttt. me mike cory and joey went to this curved ledge spot to go skate. and mike would just do 5050s. I mean he landed some other shit (to be revealed in the upcoming "never being released" video!!!) but i made fun of him for doing so many 5050s. and now we just keep joking around about never getting footage (which rules)! and bailouts... well that just self-explanatory and bailouts is a word commonly used with the times. great!

i hope you hate it.

updates on my other shorts soon. fuck AND i gotta do a beauty of a day.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

hey sean, i love you


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

oh and larry looks like a girl
OK. larry's been busy. He's got a few short films he's editing right now and he hopes they get finished pretty soon. 2 more loose scenes to shoot, and some music and viola! a collection of recent projects into one ball of digital video. Here are a few grabs for you to take a peek.
(some titles might change)

And By&By

Living Talk

Hanging Tree


And beauty of the day will be up soon. Also there might be a screen grab of a skate vid larry might be making. I hope that goes down. fuck! larry might even make a teaser for it! shit!
The name: SEVEN 5050's and Bailouts.

story to the name, next time...

Video Chatting

Larry and I got to talk for the first time in a long while. Lou forever be stuntin

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hell-A to most HeavenLA to me

getting in the car and heading to LA. Wish Larry was with me. I will see you beautiful beaches soon..


Monday, June 8, 2009

where is he at

my friend Chris just came out to Phoenix, he left too soon. this photo was taken over 3 years ago but the only difference now is that he doesn't wear tan shirts and started shaving his head..


Saturday, June 6, 2009

So i'm fimiliar with this girl who has a blog. She mainly writes poetry. She writes in a female perspective, and i on male's. So her most recent poem, i decided to respond or "comment" her peice with another poem displaying the second perspective within her story. I hope she isn't offended (or feel intruded) and i hope she catches on that we could keep doing this.

Thursday, June 4, 2009
theres something in the back of your mind...
that whispers you still love me.
and when i get off that plane,the jig is up.
you know we're in love.
and theres nothing you can do about it.
Posted by EB at 1:01 AM

Sean Larry said...

Something Else

wailing and waiting at the arrivals.
The aircraft was landing soon.
She has something to say,
She'll speak about LOVE.
only wonder what sweet treats she brought me.
June 4, 2009 2:52 PM


Friday, June 5, 2009


watch this video

then this

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Definition of success:

Doing what you want to do in this life. No rules, some coin, and a good woman to love..
Tim Devlin found this on his computer.
You don't have to know Dallas (who's featured), you just gotta love him.

Oh man i used to listen to this song when i was young. It's in Chinese, you just gotta listen to the music.

It's karaoke, so you can sing along!

This is also in Chinese. My roommate Jim is a really great guitarist and he enjoys Teresa Teng immensely. You're welcome Jim.

AND i've been watching alot of Hong Kong, Chinese, and Japanese films. so psyched!
Here are a few titles i've recently seen:

wikipedia them if you're curious. watch em if you're raw enough.

OK, now i'm gonna watch MR. VAMPIRE 2


Someone is leaving

She walked in with her hair wet
I didn't make a mistake

it was wet.

Usually this doesn't happen.

Nothing usually happens in this room.

She sat down right besides me

I imagined

she was flustered.

I sat still


for her to get up and walk again.

She's going to waltz out that door


never come back.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

God damn it, another youtube video.

Sean can be seen here in this video, this one, the one right above. Also Feat. PJB!!!!!!

So this is the trailer for SB 08 08 08 vid i made. its sooooooooo bad, its so good.
Neither Sean nor Chris (who's featured in the video) appreciated it.
Tubbs and PJB damn did! copies available never.
this is an edit larry made a year ago.

feat. Tim Devlin, Waldon't, and bloomington dawgs Kelsey, David Z, and Jah Bless (John Prayther)

make sure you pay attention to Waldon't, he's going faster than usual...hmmmmm

oh and this is Z grabbing his nuts. SB 07!!!!! (i think)
Kristin Stewart- A beauty.
(I'll never watch any movie she's in, cause they're all stupid)

Vixen. she would be the beauty of the day but... "Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson Leave a hotel together. Somewhere a teenage girl's head just imploded".
article here http://www.prettyboring.com/?q=node/11081.
Cheatin on the boyfriend are we now?

Nah she's still the beauty of the day.

Bukowski has said human relationships never lasts long.

youth never wants to be held down you know?

i used to think women were evil.

my mistake.

I'm pretty sure both Sean and larry would agree, Andy Kaufman was great.


Boys Like Me
We have no fame.
We have no game.
And all we have
...--is alot of sense to our name.


Been shooting some short films. Finished one this past weekend and just got home from a shoot tonite. Theres one more i'll be doing this coming weekend and i got one in the can pretty much.
look out for some screengrabs and more words thatll tag along.

beauty of the day will be up in some hours.


Monday, June 1, 2009

how did this happen?

Beauty of the day mother fuckers.