Thursday, February 25, 2010


oh and another tumblr tumbled two of my pictures!!!

it should be on the bottom of the websites' page or pages after.

find them!!!


workin on my website! i should have something cool on here soon tho.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


this is weird. somehow i found one of my pictures on 2 tumblrs. AWESOME!!!!!

its this picture, find it

Saturday, February 20, 2010


i still got scannin to do. heres a few i uploaded on to my flickr already. check it out on fluidr.

click image for larger

theres more on my flickr than just these. so check em out. more to come.

Friday, February 19, 2010


im a bit lost right now. i have some stuff to do but i dont know whats important and what is not. so i hope to get things sorted.

Monday, February 15, 2010


What the Animal Had, I Had

I was hungry, man.

I needed something. I just got off that stupid drug and my new thing was to eat. And drink had been lame. I needed a total cleanse. I mean, I had no money. All I could think about was food. I had a banana.
"well shit!" I thought, " If you're hungry! Eat the God damn thing!"
I was in a hit of a shuffle! Ready to eat.
I had a hiccup. It came straight out of my diaphram. That stopped me from wanting a bite.
So i pondered "why not?", why shouldn't i eat this banana?
Then the hiccups just got worse. God damn those hiccups. It drove me wild. I sounded like a machine gun! I couldn't eat my banana like this. It wasn't enough. I put the fucking thing inside my jacket pocket. Holding on to it as I walked. My voice rattled along just like a gun. i gestured with my hands.
" Damn, this banana looks pretty real!" I thought.
the next thing I knew I should do was go to the seven eleven.
It's the one without slushies.
I walked in through the door like I had my dick in my hand.
"Get your fucking hands up, fucker!" I said to the clerk.
She was a pretty young girl with blond curly hair.
Looked emaciated. Just a bit. I had my attitude high and that dick was throbbin' to get sucked!
" Okay lucky charm! this is what you do. You give me some of that money and you won't get shot. Got it?" I hollered.
She was about 16 and scared.
"Okay! Okay!" were her last words.
"Let's not waste any time here, fucker! Give me the fucking-" Hiccup, "money right now."
I even added a squeal.
Now i felt embarrassed. My voice hasn't cracked since high school. She started to laugh hysterically.
"My voice hasn't cracked since high school!" as I tried to persuade her.
My banana seems to have no use. Laughing, she was ready to call the cops. She was ready to hiss and telp while talkin' to the pigs.

You can call me lucky charms.

Why? Cause a fucking SUV rammed right into that beautiful young body and I squeezed my banana too hard (I made the most of that banana). The vehicle ran through the glass windows and killed the Clerk. The driver seemed alright. He was just a bit bloody and incoherent. There were shards on the floor but it looked nicer than the plain white tile.

I didn't really want the money, not like this.
I grabbed a few bags of cheetos and ran out like a cheetah.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

PLUG (Michael & Tubbs)

I haven't been in bloomington so i haven't got much to post. i still got a bunch of negatives to scan, so that should keep me. i leave my parent's house tomorrow but i've been writing some, reading some. all i'll share soon enough.

while you're waiting, my friend Michael Shafer made a flickr. it's gooooooooooood. also my flickr is in french and i dont know how this happened.

a few of michael's fotos (click on picture for bigger size)

my friend Tubbs got new stuff on his flickr. PEEEEEEEEP. a few updates i forgot to mention.

there is a lot more on his flickr too.

oh and check out WELCOMETOTHEMOONTOWER for fotos and stuff and skating!!!!!!!!! (guess who got a special feature on there? i'm baby sitting right now.)

Thursday, February 11, 2010





Sunday, February 7, 2010


another plug...sorry

known on flickr as BOWM. this girl has amazing fucking images. a lot of self portraits in "sticky" or unusual situation that undeniably has further meaning than the obvious idea of discomfort.

i give you "Mikaylah Bowman" (and boy is she beautiful!)

click on image for bigger

she has other images that arent like these on her flickr. but these really fucking rule. wonderful self portraits.

(dont forget to use flickriver, fluidr, ihardlyknowher for best viewing.)


this is just fucked. i cant tell you how i felt when i heard about this. and this isnt the feeling that can blind oneself, because this is absolutely unreasonable.

this situation is just retarded.

well on a lighter note, heres some skateboarding


im at home in crown point. just watched a movie. i got some writing to do. i might be going to china pretty soon. lates! just kidding im not leaving yet.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


what i've been listening to. what i've been psyched on!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


sorry... i gotta post a few videos.

i dont really care about beatboxing but she rules.

Monday, February 1, 2010


more pictures on my flickr. but you could always check it on flickriver, fluidr, or i hardlyknowher (cause its better that way).

i don't know where i put all my 35mm contact sheets, so 35mm had been on hiatus but i got a few from my friend josh trotter (hes got 2 flickrs, "josh" links to one and "trotter" links to one. i don't know why he has two).

so i got even more to scan now. i have a new story idea thanks to the critical eye of my friend adelaide. maybe i should start writing that. and also, 2 new projects to do alongside my friend pat binkley and a new aquaintance tenzing.

anywho, here are a few new images (click for larger)


me and my friends tubbs got in a fender bender.

on our way to the downtown struts show, we got rammed in the snowy high roads.
(linked is their myspace page. give it a listen.)
don't worry. that picture above is not our car.

we were in the car, talking really deeply about government and conspiracy shit, then RAM... we got hit in the back (are they out to get us? fuck you!!!!). tubbs' arizona ice tea was to his mouth and he crushed the can on impact. my arizona ice tea went flying everywhere. on me, on tubbs, the cup holders etc. FUCK!!!!! i yelled, as i thought it was blood. my glasses flew to the back seat. i didn't know where they were then. i couldnt see and i picked up tubbs' sunglasses. they werent my perscription.

welp, what a shock.

we're both fine with a minor case of whiplash.