Sunday, August 30, 2009


The loss of limb

he looks better from the side.

his nose protruding the profile

which is oh so nice.

it seems

he looks better when stared at, but

if you stared him face to face

from his shiny golden hair to his crevice chin

it would make you laugh. my face

is best face to face. but

my sides have no charm

so no one stares at me with intrigue.

i can't watch everyone.

He never says no.

what a fool.

"Wrong, alright?"

"Painted love!!" he yelled.

She whispered to herself,

" It's the wrong lyric.

__It's the wrong lyric."

Figurehead For Women

Missing a piece here/there

I'm my arm

I'm my leg

I'm my body parts

a loss of arm

a loss of power

my parts are gone

in the end we hope
we'll be back together

back to the old settlement.

we'll farm hairs and irrigate
the dried cellulose.

Sandy: Hit me motherfucker

_______I fucking dare you,

_______hit me.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


first off to clarify: If you're on your shit, you can't give a fuck.

Now here's a quote.

“I don’t believe in total freedom for the artist. Left on his own, free to do anything he likes, the artist ends up doing nothing at all. If there’s one thing that’s dangerous for an artist, it’s precisely this question of total freedom, waiting for inspiration and all the rest of it.”

This whole idea has been in the back of my mind for a while. Though it makes me rethink the WORD freedom, the "thing-itself" of freedom still exists. I hope. This seems like a realistic view for an artist, but if you have passion for your shit, you won't give a fuck about this quote. I merely mention his quote because fellini's work has had a huge impact on my mind. He's movies are extraordinary and also very successful; something that most artist want to secretly achieve (but also deny). I don't want to talk too much about it but the movie business will always attempt to undermine the artist (producers, marketing, and all that). For an artist to create something, it must be under pressure, it must have stress and tension for real stability. Ironically, i think this quote really says that you must be undermined and shackled for freedom to emerge.
If this seems confusing, i'd love to chit chat about it. {} Though i would rather talk to you in person.

My friend Gina made a great investment. Buying a camera (at cvs?!walgreens?!?somewhere?!?) with a package that includes free unlimited rolls of film. SUPER FUCKED UP GOOD. I think me and Gina might have talked about this ( i'm not entirely sure if this is factual) but i guess shes only been taking images for about a year. New blood. She's damn good. Check out her flickr.
Here's a few AMAZING pictures

Teeny Weenie

Have you ever wondered what the fuck is a teenager? are you a teenager and wondering what the fuck? Here's a website of pictures that relay some information on teens. You should look through all the images, they are great. I understand they are from a certain time period and they are only images, but the point is to understand the base not the bullshit around it.

Beauty of the Day
I remember telling you that i haven't been impressed lately. but now i finally have seen some light beam into my eye. The beauty of the day. The once young cecilia mendez...
early cecilia mendez by adeadkennedy.

early cecilia mendez by adeadkennedy.

early cecilia mendez by adeadkennedy.

early cecilia mendez by adeadkennedy.

early cecilia mendez by adeadkennedy.

early cecilia mendez by adeadkennedy.

have fun tonight

Friday, August 28, 2009


this is amazing.

PLUG (Paul Zdon)

My friend Paul has updated his flickr with new pictures. you should check out the goodness.
Click here for his flickr. You'll find some really extraordinary images on his site.

some favs

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Doesn't that scar look like the symbol for heart?


I understand i haven't put much writing on the blog. I'm sorry it'll come.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


"cunt" doing the best. My friend Lisa's got a blog up filled with stories and poems that's sure to interest you. on the right hand side there's a link to "Lisa's Writing" or you can click here.

She's also part of EARTHLING

Here's a picture of a fellow "EARTHLING"

3/4ths of EARTHLING's identity revealed so far.

Songs written. we gotta practice.


Yesterday. Me and my friend Dylan Chicken were really craving chicken nuggets and decided to go to chik-fil-a to get some.

He had been talking earlier in the week about getting a 200 piece cater deal and have a chicken nugget party, WHICH SOUNDS SO FUCKING COOL!!!! (Here's Dylan with the cater menu and the magically image of 200 chicken nuggets.)

The idea itself made us hungry so we went to the mall. Had to get some chicken nuggets... right now!

This is Dylan Chicken eating chi
cken... sooooo much chicken.

This was mine. rollin on 24's

(I was gonna make it a animated gif but it would take too long as it already did take too long just figuring out how to put animated images on a blog.)

God i hate chick-fil-a


I found the love of my life.
I've seen her around bloomington for 3 years and been attracted since the first time. (She's the one in front of the window.) Every time i see her it was because of random chance and this was very exciting!

I was grabbing some late night food at jimmy john's and i hear an oldie from the cardigans (something from their first album; which is one of my favorite albums), i turn and looked it was this fucking girl i have eyed for for years. Of course i didn't talk to her and had to take a foto of her.

The story is usually worth more then the reality of the fantasy.

Sartre, while in the navy, had an experience at a bar which will explains the previous line. He had been on a ship for some time, went to a bar, met this beautiful, absolutely gorgeous woman who was sitting next to him. He didn't talk to her but tried to gather all his guts to do so. She got up went to the restroom as Sartre stayed seated and waited as he fantasized about the night he would be spending with her. The passion, the romance and the sex at a motel that would last all night long. But before the woman came back, Sartre had made up a beautiful story of the night spent with a lonesome beautiful woman. He got up and left the pub and never to come back to see her.

I'm pretty sure it was Sartre that said all this about himself. i read it somewhere. I'm not 100 percent though.


Brett and Tubbs came to town few days ago. they were planning on just hanging out, and not skating because it was suppose to rain. instead it was a nice day, Brett and i wanted to skate. So Tubbs decided to get beer and of course it sounded like a great idea so i wanted to drink the day away too.
We went to the liquor stohhhrrr and got this

The good ole gold and silver!!!! Tubbs kept talking about them like they were medals
. it was awesome. He would say something about bronze being crappy or something around those lines.

(hey hey! hello there!)

Went to some spots and i was prett
y drunk and this happened

I got cut by a ledge and it was pretty deep.(These images were taken today. you can see the scar healing, the bruising and the discolor of my skin...)

Then later at another spot, my board hit me in the face and my eye was and still is bruised. i got a scar there too. bummer.

When the sun was almost set they headed back toward indianapolis.
by and by they went.


First time ever ordering indian.

I've always had the buffet but i went to bombay house with my good friend Chris for dinner.

I ordered a lamb dish and it was goooooooooooooooooooood.
I haven't see the guy for a while and i almost forgot what he was like.
(here he is in arizona around half a year ago)

Boy is he funny. I even forgot how funny he was.

I can almost always talk to this guy. our conversations are always interesting/ because he has a youthful characteristic/ i'd love to have. We make weird noises and awkward stares but its all cutsie and hella gay.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I went to columbus with a few friends to go skate.

This guy showed us around to some spots.

Then my pants decided to rebel against me with concrete and created this

it felt fun skating as we were there all day, but this is seriously all i can remember...