Tuesday, March 30, 2010



Saturday, March 27, 2010


since my food poisoning, i've gone vegetarian. just watched a movie about "christiane f" suggested by my friend michael.


busy weekend brb.

if you got the time, check:

the moontower blog



Thursday, March 25, 2010


FUCK! i forgot that before i left for california i still had negatives to scan!!! gonna get on that...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


before i get my fotos from my recent trip developed, i put just these 2 pictures up. on my flickr. check it out on fluidr. click image for bigger size.

Monday, March 22, 2010


back in indiana. currently in crown point. some pictures to share.

ed templeton had a show a skate away from where i was staying.

one of my favs

one of my favs

one of my favs

this is me and schmaltz on both ends of a corner taking a picture of each other, taking a picture of each other. each of ed's pictures was touching and connected to the latter picture all around the room. the pictures are linked in some way visually or thoughtfully from the previous or the further image.

i'll have video of ed's show as soon as i load that.

california hill bombs

killin it

i'll have more pictures from this place.

i think this gave me food poisoning.

my heavy case of butterfingers emerged as i was taking a picture of this with my film camera then i dropped it, the back opened, exposed my film and i thought it was broken.

i sang karaoke for schmaltz's birthday. happy birthday schmaltz!

me peeing, she peeking in

this mood should tell you that having food poisoning on a four hour flight makes the lady next to you super bummed on barfing.

me and schmaltz ate alot.

this picture was blown up from a small jpeg picture found on the web. i was super psyched that they made it so big and pixelated.

i gotta get some film developed, load up some video from my fone, and some other shit. went to the mountains. pictures and video fo that soon to come. a few skate clips taken from my fone too.
i miss nathan already ;( thanks for letting me crash bro! good seeing you too zweisler!!! more to come baby cakes.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


oh yeah and i totally skated with matt bennett, colin provost, and pretty much the whole toy machine gang at cherry park. jussssssayin..... they're all my best friends.......


california here! got a new fone that i hate. took some pictures.

o'hare airport.

tubbs was making a mock conference for Oreo Jones' CD release, i helped out a little.

the best food is always at my aunt's house. here's my cousin.

schmaltz is working. really, this is his job. he takes phone calls and yells at a guy named geirmo while on speaker phone and looks at motorcycles... and i'm staying at his apartment.

stocking up on these babies!!! didn't even last an hour...

few more days here. see you soon.

Monday, March 15, 2010

PLUG (Jeremy Tubbs's photos)

going to california tomorrow to visit the campus of some school. get to skate with my friend nathan which is gonna rule. i'll be gone for a week. maybe some more writings on here during that time. i hope to take lots of pictures.

at this time look at these pictures!!! my friend tubbs put some new pictures on his flickr. peep it.

some favs of mine. click images for larger.

so sick! theres more on his flickr so make sure you peep dat shit buttwipe.

PLUG (brad's interview)


my friend brad got an interview!!!

hes asked a few questions on his take of photography and skating.


if you're interested in what he means,
heres his flickr. he likes trains.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


i have been standing all day. had pho tho, that was sick. it's 8:32am and i'm in my bed now. i've been up all night filming my next short film. so to congratulate myself i'm sleeping naked. weather allowed.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It's Not The Ten Ton Bus That Kills Me

i was driving,
songs of love and heart break,
not giving a care.
a child
in front saw me singing
waving for hours.
i only noticed the last minute.
he mouthed, "Everything will be alright."
I was ready to change the station,
i had enough of tears.
But he mouthed, "Everything will be alright."

I decided not to touch the dial.

The song ended with,
"I know... when you're gone... you're gone."
The guitar sang me asleep
behind the wheel.
windows were down.
It felt cool at first,
then i felt the heat.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


so a month back, i went home for a week. i was rummaging through my parent's closets and found a pile of my dad's old jackets/coats. most of them were bought in china. i remember all of these jackets/coats, because there's pictures of my dad wearing them from the first few years my parents moved to america. i tried all the ones i fit in and kept 'em. in one of the jackets there was 2 pieces of paper, three sticks of gum and a pen. seen here.

circa 1990

my mom has been pretty fluent in english when she first came but my dad was not. these papers you see below are my dad's attempt to go through a phone interview.

circa 1990
circa 1990
circa 1990
circa 1990

pretty crazy stuff.
i've been wearing those jackets/coats.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Cold Hands with Nick Names

I lose things I grasp
my hands
have bad circulation.
there's no blood flow keeping these damn things
some people call this butterfingers,
my friends call me butterfingers,
I've self diagnosed myself with butterfingers.
I think that's bad
and I don't even like the candy.

I end up running
to the sink
I run
the scolding hot water
gently placing
my hands,
slowly rubbing
my hands,
that's the usual.

this time I'm waiting
for the water to boil as
it whispers through the faucet.

it tells me

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. i've been really busy with my next short films with scheduling and finding actors and locations and all that stuff. i'll keep my self busy still with scannig fotos (cause god knows that'll never end). and some more writings thati'll soon put up. its really hectic right now but be patient! cause i got lots of stuff to show you really soon!!

Monday, March 1, 2010


gaahhhhhhh i just made a sporadic upload to my flickr. fuck. it kinda pisses me off that its not in good order. but then again it sucks you can't change the "stream" anyway. whatever. here are some (not all of) goodies. as always click to see it larger.


sporadic stuff

so go here to look at all of the uploads.
still workin on the website. a few foto and writing projects seem to be falling through. going back making some short films!