Monday, July 27, 2009


I Should Have Known About That Tall Shortstack

We sat upon the bed
She wanted embrace and the comfort
We hugged a bit
She wanted to continue the embrace,
the hug
I should have known
what she wanted.
The Squeeze,
The hard squeeze that pulled me in
I reach down her pants
I hold her bottom, I touch her
I touch her legs, her breasts
I should have known
all she wanted was the warmth
the closeness
the embrace.
I left that night with my fists clenched.
of course i was drooling
she made me angry.
I wonder if she could still be
toppled like a giant who pricked his toe

"I hope to see you, never."
"Why'd you say that?"
"I did it for a friend."
"What did you say?"
"I did it for a friend."

which reminds me,
she didn't care to look at me.
See you later shortstack you’ve been a doll.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

So havent had a new post in a while. It seems like "larry and sean" blog has become larry's blog. bummer.

anyway, larry has been working alot on some stuff so hopefully there will be a blog with substance unlike this one. i just hope someone is still checking this blog!

larry's been scanning a lot of boring (but some good!) pictures and will be putting them up on flickr soon. He's also been editing those short films he's been talking about so thats taken a chunk of time from doing something cool on the blog, plus that school gibberish.

I found a blog of a photograher who shot music artist and actors and things like that in the 70's and 80's. i cant describe much of the blog other then to show you these pictures he has taken.

joey ramone

joan jett


dead boys

action jackson

here's his blog. It's relly interesting to look at. bookmark it!

and here are some other pictures to look at



have fun tonight everybody. its a saturday and i'm gonna go play pool.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Kyu Sakamoto.

listening to foreign music and not knowing what they are singing about is always nice.

makes you think more on the music and sound then the meaning of words being sung.

I've always wondered about vocals sometimes. That fact that it really is just another instrument but we give so much priority to words(and their meaning) that we forget the lovely sounds of consonants and vowels.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


A Little A Bit

The mosquitoes are out

i hear the buzz

i feel it's legs
it sucks me up
i don't see it bite...

i turn my head left then right

i look around for a bit
i'm fully clothed with long hair
average height, pale skin,
sweet blood.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


None of This

She cried out- Turd, i love you
He responded- Turn around,

move over to the side,

run that way

His Basement

He was the kinda guy that was nice,

asked everyone how they were doing,
talkative, my god talkative.

On a bright summer day, he walks through the door with melancholy

I watch him pound his feet as he walks across the floor. Mini

Hey, what the fuck are you doing? i asked.

Not even a look look.

I bet he wishes someone would ask him how he was doing.

Once I left, he seemed much better.

He watches me leave.

He climbs the staircase quick while pulling on the railing, hard.

He knew the thing was loose

as he fell to the

bottom of his basement.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I finally put up the rest of my images from my chicago trip and then some. "Then some" are a bunch of cell fone pictures. Go and check out the new images, cause they're new!!!

Here is the link to the full chicago trip.

Some favs-

Here is the link to more cell fone pictures.

some favs-

NOthin' feels as good as listening to THE STROKES on a long car drive.

double cool. I've been listening to television a bunch.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

OK good. i recently got a scanner for my fotos. i have been using my cell phone whenever it seems more efficient. It's been less fitting to use my film cameras when i would have to wait a long time to use my friends scanner or somehow sneak into the foto labs at IU. So hopefully i'll be taking more pictures and getting out of the habit for missing shoots just for the sake that later down the road i won't be able to see them.

I would also like to mention how amazing cell fone pictures are. It's amazingly symbolic for art in the modern world. This grimey digital look makes me freak out about new aesthetics. i've been trying digital (nikon d50) out a bit more but i have realized the importance of post-shoot fotoshop one must do to avoid the crisp mundane digital look. Now comparing the d50 to cell fone... i would take a cell fone picture. it's so oddly natural to shoot a cell fone picture and not tinker with it in post and still have amazing digital pixels. These pixels are an allusion to the grain in film.

[here's a guy with great and i mean fucking great cell phone images

and yes its the guy who did the gi joe parodies you seen on ebaumsworld and youtube...

Here is some of my cell fone pictures]

Think of this. shooting film, its gonna come out with grain and its own dirt, now lo def digital cameras are going to have the same "comparative idea" results; which fucking rules.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

"They talk about prayer but never teach you how to pray"

- regarding a recent conversation on difficulties on meditation by a new friend at a restaurant

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I've been at home doing nothing but eat.

I watched iron man the movie which was pretty cool. i understand some people would criticize me for hating dark knight and liking iron man and im sure we could talk about it. Oh and the movie was bootleg. anyhow, i've got time on my hands and been watching youtube vids on zizek ( who is a modern philosopher, simply put).

this is what im watching RIGHT NOW.

I have a real interest in the idea of belief and this stuff is interesting to listen to.

At this time i'm trying to consume things

IM GOING TO SHIT MYSELF. so beauty of the day goes to a photographer. I read an interview (scroll down to ana cuba) with her and im seriously hot reading her intelligence and confusion. One thing she mentions is that most of her portraits, the model is not looking into the camera, and she speaks of another dimension when the model DOES look into the camera, that it gives the figures more power (which she takes away by not letting them look into the camera). Holy shit shes so smart. I love her. AMAZING photographs.

I mean...

And big ups to

the blog is pretty cool too

on the interview. He (Arron?!?! maybe she) is cool.

Ana's flickr ............ Website

There's more, im sure, i want to say but im tired.

actually im kinda bored of her already. keep me moving!!!!!