Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Brett and Tubbs came to town few days ago. they were planning on just hanging out, and not skating because it was suppose to rain. instead it was a nice day, Brett and i wanted to skate. So Tubbs decided to get beer and of course it sounded like a great idea so i wanted to drink the day away too.
We went to the liquor stohhhrrr and got this

The good ole gold and silver!!!! Tubbs kept talking about them like they were medals
. it was awesome. He would say something about bronze being crappy or something around those lines.

(hey hey! hello there!)

Went to some spots and i was prett
y drunk and this happened

I got cut by a ledge and it was pretty deep.(These images were taken today. you can see the scar healing, the bruising and the discolor of my skin...)

Then later at another spot, my board hit me in the face and my eye was and still is bruised. i got a scar there too. bummer.

When the sun was almost set they headed back toward indianapolis.
by and by they went.

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