Friday, October 22, 2010


Lead Me A Way

Where is my shepherd

Where is my tutor

Where is a mentor

I don’t want jesus

I don’t need a jesus

I want some guidance

I want a Socrates

Not a god


sean to me
me to sean


sean to me

me to sean


so my friend sean had the idea that we should take a photo a day and send that photo from that day to each other that same day! and since he lives in texas and i'm out here in new york, this is such a good way to keep us together. so far 2 days had happened. check it out on his blog.

i'm also gonna post them copipasta style!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

i made this music video for a band i love called moksha. they're out in la.
i loved a song so much i wanted to do this, so i asked them and they agreed!


Moksha- Special Friend from Larry Bao on Vimeo.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


This is how The Onion interviews look like behind the scenes.

She's the brun of a girl i miss.






i'm over-joyed!

TJ's Letter!!!

napkin art!


true, true



grip job

m zeaman



sean knows what i like!

ender ender

Friday, October 8, 2010


The Stead: Steed I Did See

A white, prestigious horse was in a trailer
on the streets of new york city.
The cars were zooming by.
The horse was frightened.
I knew it was scared
because it was fidgeting,
nah-ing outloud,
over and over.
It's body trembling like a chronic cold chill.
I could almost match the tears in its eyes with the tears in mine.

no one was there to brush its hair,
pet it's back
and calm its nerves.
i took a glance at the horse, curled my head down
i passed it by, worrying about my own life,
murmuring to myself
a few words.
i was already a block away, unawares.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


this happened a few days ago.

me and my friend galen helped a drunk homeless man from getting ran over by a train a couple of days ago. someone was making funny faces at him on the other side of the tracks so he got up and cursed at the man. he cursed and cursed, and was ready to fight. he jumped off the ledge and onto the tracks then yelled "oh shit". me and galen hurried over to him to help him out of the chasm. we dragged him back and sat his head on a bench. he didnt have teetch on his top gums but had some on the bottom. everytime he spoke there was a sucking sound of his top gum pressing behind his bottom teeth. he asked me if i could do something. i wasnt sure what he had said, i couldn't understand him. he looked like he was in pain. he would rub his left thigh. he then lifted up his left pant leg and made me get closer to his face.
he said, "would you go..."
"is your leg broken?" as i interrupted him.
he contiuned, "would you go buy my some vaseline, and massage my leg, its chapped."
finally i got up. i wasnt going to do that, i had a train to catch. he got up then went over to us and "god blessed" us for saving his life. me and galen continued reading our books but he wasn't going to let down. he had his eye on galen and kept asking him for money. the man insisted on getting money from us.

he got fairly annoying so we left him alone.
once again he cursed and cursed. At us this time.


Say Yes

Two nights ago, I was at a bar in Brooklyn. Me, the bartender, my friend and a man were the only people in the room.
I was playing pool with my friend, Peter, and the drunken man walks over.
Now, Peter and I aren't the best players at pool but we could manage getting the balls in the pockets.
The man walks up to both of us, grunting. Peter walks away to avoid any confrontation.
I stayed to see what he had to say.
"I was watchin' you kids play pool and I noticed you both forgot something. A secret. Do you want to know this secret?" The man remarked.
Feeling a bit skeptical but still curious I answered "Yes."
He said to me,
"You see, you gotta trick the other player! So you want to hit the four ball in the left corner pocket, right? Your opponent sees that."
The four ball was what I was aiming for. I was impressed so far.
"Now, why must you hit the four ball?" He said.
I was confused.
"Do you want to hit the four ball?" He asked.
"Yes, I do. It’s an easy shot." I said
"So your opponent is also eying the four ball. What if you hit the 6 ball? What makes you think you shouldn’t hit the 6 ball? Then you should hit the 6 ball to the right corner pocket." speaking softly as if he was finally revealing his secret.
"Right. Ok. Yes." I murmured back.
"Now think about it. Will you think about?" he said.
"Yes. Yes I will." I said.
I didn’t get it.
He then busted out in laughter like some wise man on a mountain top. The wise-man-on-the-mountain-top was drunk; giving me tips on how to trick an opponent at pool. The six ball was neither a harder shot nor an easier one compared to the four ball. It was just another shot to take. I couldn’t figure it out. The wise-man-on-the-mountain-top spoke in riddles. The wise-man-on-the-mountain-top was still laughing. I kept nodding my head yes. I felt like he wanted a response so I gave him nods. The wise-man-on-the-mountain-top stopped laughing and looked at me very intensely. He stood there looking into my eyes. I didn’t know what to do.
“Look at me! Look into my eyes. I want to find the truth, so look into my eyes.” He demanded.
I was hesitant to look at first, but surely he wouldn’t harm me. So I gazed into his eyes.
After a good minute (which felt like an hour) the bartender, Judy, yelled from across the room, “Hey, leave him alone, Chip.”
She walked up to me later that night and said, “Listen honey, don’t listen to him. He’s on vacation.”