Sunday, August 30, 2009


The loss of limb

he looks better from the side.

his nose protruding the profile

which is oh so nice.

it seems

he looks better when stared at, but

if you stared him face to face

from his shiny golden hair to his crevice chin

it would make you laugh. my face

is best face to face. but

my sides have no charm

so no one stares at me with intrigue.

i can't watch everyone.

He never says no.

what a fool.

"Wrong, alright?"

"Painted love!!" he yelled.

She whispered to herself,

" It's the wrong lyric.

__It's the wrong lyric."

Figurehead For Women

Missing a piece here/there

I'm my arm

I'm my leg

I'm my body parts

a loss of arm

a loss of power

my parts are gone

in the end we hope
we'll be back together

back to the old settlement.

we'll farm hairs and irrigate
the dried cellulose.

Sandy: Hit me motherfucker

_______I fucking dare you,

_______hit me.

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