Wednesday, June 30, 2010


i watched dead or alive: final last night.
third part of a non lineaged trilogy series directed by takashi miike (one of my fav directors!). 
this is going to be a bit obscure but here's the ending! 

i want to buy this trilogy!!!!!!!!!!!!
here are the trailers from DOA1 and DOA2 respectively

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

IMAGES (China)

here are some b/w's from china.

(there's a few more that i didn't post here on flickr)

click on the image for large

flickr is doing some changes to their site, and now you can preview how the new site will look like. the plus of this change is when looking at a picture, you can click on it and "zoom" for a black background. this way there is not as much noise surrounding the picture. they are pretty much doing this because of all the third party sites of flickr that allow you to view images a lot better. examples: fludir, flickriver, ihardlyknewher etc.

i have more fotos from china to show you. and i stil haven't developed film from the new york trip!!!! i also gotta find a place in new york soon. gotta capture footage. gotta try and film another short film!!! so much going on, i'm screwed.


as you can see i have expanded the width of the column. now it would be a teeeeeeny bit better to preview the fotos i put on here.

i'll also go back expand previous images.

Monday, June 28, 2010



Saturday, June 26, 2010


another post of bunch of digi-fotos by my friend tubbs on our new york trip on


peep it!

you should be bookmarking this blog.


i know my website has been taken a bit for viewing but it should be coming up soon! my friend (who lives in london) and i went over some more logistics and it wont take too much longer. i'll keep you updated! to make sure i mean business, my friend and i talked shit over vid skype! this is for real!


ok. the olympus stylus isnt the best for b/w fotos...

back to slr's.


like a bad actor

I'm having a hard time walking the lines between observer and participant.

I've gone on trips with friends lately also, having friends visiting me to skate. with all the different people I'm around, I have a constant stream of awareness as I watch my friends do their thing. like a third eye, i see out-of-body, observing their mannerisms, style, speech, ticks and tocks. Yet I end up forgetting that I am a friend, one of them, a participant to their shenanigans, having moments of fun and enjoyment, realizing the feelings of being with people you like. I would however, sometimes accept moments of freedom. Freedom from awareness and consciousness. but like a bad actor, these moments are sparse and never consistent/constant within the "hour and a half", like a play.
My trouble is...
I can't get a(my) grip on the line that tickles both my inhibited, thoughtful actions and my uninhibited, "natural" actions. I find myself nauseated (like Antoine Roquentin from Nausea; a book i should finish) and sustaining my consciousness, or HYPER-consciousness (which in turn leading to judgment). My friend Nikita has told me that Antoine Roquentin ends up learning that this overly strenuous thought, this HYPER-consciousness, destroys a human's natural joys of life.
With my interest in writing, I end up requiring awareness of the people around me. to take conscious notes of human actions and intentions. But with my interest in acting, I end up hating the fact that i am unable to participate with these interactions a majority of the time. And as a lover of life, I can't quite feel the joys of life if I am not a participant to these interactions.
(But boy, when the moments of freedom hit me, they sure are nuggets of gold.)

Having this HYPER-consciousness ends up holding back my "natural" actions. I end up containing these actions, feelings, in hopes for safety. I almost freeze, staying still, body tense ( which happens to me multiple times). But, we all know safety is boring.

I dont want to miss the possiblities in situations, in interactions and in sharing with others. 
Being too self-contained wont work.

Friday, June 25, 2010


i have a yearning for writing again. i haven't done so in such a long time. it makes me seem like i'm not moving forward by passing the chances not writing on the days i should. its kinda like having a photo album with no photos to fill.

i miss you

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

IMAGES (China)

here are some color 35mm fotos from china i promised! more b/w to come!!
keep checkin on my flickr for more fotos.

(click for larger)

got some film to develop from the new york trip. gotta find a place to live in new york. oh i hope i can finish my next short film before moving. fugggg, like always, behind...

if you havent yet, check out
for some snappy digi-fotos of the new york trip!

Monday, June 21, 2010


fotos from the new york trip! there's a video at the end so peep that shit. (by the way fuck warner brothers for not letting me use a t. rex song on youtube.)
more china fotos on their way and new york fotos to develop. noice.

fuck youtube and warner brothers!!!!