Monday, August 10, 2009


Sweet Soft Loving Day

She was my clutch
i had one foot in her door
i'm listening to classical music
this sweet soft loving classical music
i want more but i know days end
there's music i can cry to
but other times i try to,
i try to weep
but i'm a man
a stronghold for sturdiness.

so i try again to get my face
soaked, i want it soaked
something to wring my liquids out
after all, i end up yawning at my attempts
i know days end
it's an every night thing
it does
as i listen more to this sweet soft loving music
at 1 am
i want to sleep to end my whole day
not death, just sleep, maybe death
it's good you know, the end
then to be awake or
awakened reborn & resurrected

like the preachers always said.

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