Saturday, July 4, 2009

IM GOING TO SHIT MYSELF. so beauty of the day goes to a photographer. I read an interview (scroll down to ana cuba) with her and im seriously hot reading her intelligence and confusion. One thing she mentions is that most of her portraits, the model is not looking into the camera, and she speaks of another dimension when the model DOES look into the camera, that it gives the figures more power (which she takes away by not letting them look into the camera). Holy shit shes so smart. I love her. AMAZING photographs.

I mean...

And big ups to

the blog is pretty cool too

on the interview. He (Arron?!?! maybe she) is cool.

Ana's flickr ............ Website

There's more, im sure, i want to say but im tired.

actually im kinda bored of her already. keep me moving!!!!!

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