Sunday, July 12, 2009

OK good. i recently got a scanner for my fotos. i have been using my cell phone whenever it seems more efficient. It's been less fitting to use my film cameras when i would have to wait a long time to use my friends scanner or somehow sneak into the foto labs at IU. So hopefully i'll be taking more pictures and getting out of the habit for missing shoots just for the sake that later down the road i won't be able to see them.

I would also like to mention how amazing cell fone pictures are. It's amazingly symbolic for art in the modern world. This grimey digital look makes me freak out about new aesthetics. i've been trying digital (nikon d50) out a bit more but i have realized the importance of post-shoot fotoshop one must do to avoid the crisp mundane digital look. Now comparing the d50 to cell fone... i would take a cell fone picture. it's so oddly natural to shoot a cell fone picture and not tinker with it in post and still have amazing digital pixels. These pixels are an allusion to the grain in film.

[here's a guy with great and i mean fucking great cell phone images

and yes its the guy who did the gi joe parodies you seen on ebaumsworld and youtube...

Here is some of my cell fone pictures]

Think of this. shooting film, its gonna come out with grain and its own dirt, now lo def digital cameras are going to have the same "comparative idea" results; which fucking rules.

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