Monday, July 27, 2009


I Should Have Known About That Tall Shortstack

We sat upon the bed
She wanted embrace and the comfort
We hugged a bit
She wanted to continue the embrace,
the hug
I should have known
what she wanted.
The Squeeze,
The hard squeeze that pulled me in
I reach down her pants
I hold her bottom, I touch her
I touch her legs, her breasts
I should have known
all she wanted was the warmth
the closeness
the embrace.
I left that night with my fists clenched.
of course i was drooling
she made me angry.
I wonder if she could still be
toppled like a giant who pricked his toe

"I hope to see you, never."
"Why'd you say that?"
"I did it for a friend."
"What did you say?"
"I did it for a friend."

which reminds me,
she didn't care to look at me.
See you later shortstack you’ve been a doll.

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