Saturday, July 25, 2009

So havent had a new post in a while. It seems like "larry and sean" blog has become larry's blog. bummer.

anyway, larry has been working alot on some stuff so hopefully there will be a blog with substance unlike this one. i just hope someone is still checking this blog!

larry's been scanning a lot of boring (but some good!) pictures and will be putting them up on flickr soon. He's also been editing those short films he's been talking about so thats taken a chunk of time from doing something cool on the blog, plus that school gibberish.

I found a blog of a photograher who shot music artist and actors and things like that in the 70's and 80's. i cant describe much of the blog other then to show you these pictures he has taken.

joey ramone

joan jett


dead boys

action jackson

here's his blog. It's relly interesting to look at. bookmark it!

and here are some other pictures to look at



have fun tonight everybody. its a saturday and i'm gonna go play pool.

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