Monday, February 1, 2010


me and my friends tubbs got in a fender bender.

on our way to the downtown struts show, we got rammed in the snowy high roads.
(linked is their myspace page. give it a listen.)
don't worry. that picture above is not our car.

we were in the car, talking really deeply about government and conspiracy shit, then RAM... we got hit in the back (are they out to get us? fuck you!!!!). tubbs' arizona ice tea was to his mouth and he crushed the can on impact. my arizona ice tea went flying everywhere. on me, on tubbs, the cup holders etc. FUCK!!!!! i yelled, as i thought it was blood. my glasses flew to the back seat. i didn't know where they were then. i couldnt see and i picked up tubbs' sunglasses. they werent my perscription.

welp, what a shock.

we're both fine with a minor case of whiplash.

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