Sunday, February 14, 2010

PLUG (Michael & Tubbs)

I haven't been in bloomington so i haven't got much to post. i still got a bunch of negatives to scan, so that should keep me. i leave my parent's house tomorrow but i've been writing some, reading some. all i'll share soon enough.

while you're waiting, my friend Michael Shafer made a flickr. it's gooooooooooood. also my flickr is in french and i dont know how this happened.

a few of michael's fotos (click on picture for bigger size)

my friend Tubbs got new stuff on his flickr. PEEEEEEEEP. a few updates i forgot to mention.

there is a lot more on his flickr too.

oh and check out WELCOMETOTHEMOONTOWER for fotos and stuff and skating!!!!!!!!! (guess who got a special feature on there? i'm baby sitting right now.)

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