Thursday, January 28, 2010

LOCAL UPDATE 1/28 (ihardlyknowher, flickriver, fluidr)

i've been a dummy. if you have flickr or look at other peoples flickr, you should use these sites:


once you set up your url, you can view images bigger by adding "/big" after your name.


see on the bottom right hand corner of the image you can see more info and enlarge the picture.


fluidr is pretty much the same as flickriver but i think its a bit easier to use. however, fluidr allows people to view users privated fotos, which flickriver would other wise not show. i dont really understand why fluidr did this. its kinda sketchy but fuck it!

here is an example of what i mean.

these 3 sites are 3rd party websites designed to help viewers look at your images in a much simpler and better way. they have the simplicity of just a black or a white background, without all the noise and the shouts that flickr would usually give you. plus the nice option of enlarging the picture, without scooting your image to the left. so i only know these 3 and i cant believe i found them so late. why didn't anyone tell me? cause these rule! so i guess i'm here to tell YOU.

more editing to do. stories to tell. sleep to sleep.

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