Monday, June 3, 2013

Local Update 6/3

Something for me to do when I'm bored...

Here are some photos of where I am and what I'm doing for June. (Writers block. Artist block. All block. pretty much looking at nude women on the tumblr...)

At my aunt's Asian Market

Apple Soda!

Go HERE for reference.

The lobby of the apt I moved in in Chicago

The last 2 pictures are of my place in Chicago. A skate away from Wilson Skatepark. I was in it for 2 hours then had to go to West Lafayette (where my aunt's market is located).

There you have it.

Writers block.

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  1. 2013 was a bad year. I printed land of plenty- a while ago. Tried reading it several times. Failed. More focused recently. More time. Less money. Perfect condition to get back into it. I should have some notes for you soon.