Sunday, June 2, 2013


Ok guys, fuck. I'm coming back. I tried starting a new blogspot blog, but shit got boring. There's just too much history here to abandon it all.

I have some film to develop.

I'll be redesigning this site.

and oh and fucking update.

So I moved out of NY.
It doesn't make sense for me to stay there. Not in that environment. I doesn't feel right. I had to go. It's a placed structured for professionals and at my age and with the art I do I'm not deemed a "professional". I'm just starting understanding what the hell I'm doing. Rent is high and I dont relate to many people. Whatever. That's that.

I moved to Chicago with my girlfriend, Aly. She'll be auditioning for theatre and film while I plan to write and audition as well.

As of right now, I'm actually in West Lafayette helping my Aunt at her Asian Market Grocery Store. I'll be here til July.

Shit.. so many things happened since my last post. I've directed a coupla plays. Shit so much. but fuck the past for now.

Lastly, I finally have the guts to capitalize my "I"'s.

I'll be posting more things. Fuck.

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