Saturday, June 5, 2010


Wrong Time, But Great Song

Title by Larry Bao

Story by Jane Kim

I was stopping by a McDonald's today because I seriously had to go to the restroom, while on the road, when a really good song came on the radio. I, for a brief moment contemplated waiting out the end of the song when I was almost going to pee my pants. I had to go so badly. You know it was truly a great song and that's so rare to hear it on the radio, not only that, it was one of those tunes you've been itching to hear and didn't know it until that precise moment. In a most ridiculously inconvenient time. The urge was strong but the other urge was mightier so I listened up to the chorus and skipped outta there. Yet again, yes I am sitting on the pot wondering will my broken heart be healed, I want to hear that beat again...

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