Tuesday, June 29, 2010

IMAGES (China)

here are some b/w's from china.

(there's a few more that i didn't post here on flickr)

click on the image for large

flickr is doing some changes to their site, and now you can preview how the new site will look like. the plus of this change is when looking at a picture, you can click on it and "zoom" for a black background. this way there is not as much noise surrounding the picture. they are pretty much doing this because of all the third party sites of flickr that allow you to view images a lot better. examples: fludir, flickriver, ihardlyknewher etc.

i have more fotos from china to show you. and i stil haven't developed film from the new york trip!!!! i also gotta find a place in new york soon. gotta capture footage. gotta try and film another short film!!! so much going on, i'm screwed.


  1. Larry! Your photos kill man! Good job.

  2. I was looking at that pbr photo for a long time until I realized I was confused.

  3. seth! thank you!

    flaneur, you're always confused...