Friday, September 4, 2009



Old News

Person ONE:

Steven lost control

of the wheel

and got in a horrible car wreck.

He was rushed to the hospital.

They tried to reanimate

him as fast they could.
That god damn drunkard. I swear
If I

see that trucker I'll murder him.

Steven passed away

last night.

Person TWO:

Well I hope he's alright.

Throwing a Fit

Someone said to me, out of anger, its like playing cards,

you never know what is dealt to your hand.

Its too late.

i thought later on


there are 54 cards
I will know
what is in my hand.
Great joke, joker.

Funny funny

things happen in a room


Was it me?

For all the people (which probably isn't many) who are wondering about my short films, my friend Newman is in my room right now recording, getting shit done. He's recording music for 2 of the four. Once he gets done and my friend Anson gets done with his share of music, we'll be good to go. Last bit of editing, trailering and retrieving a specific sound clip, I'll be able to show it somewhere soon in Bloomington, IN.

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