Sunday, September 27, 2009



I went to colombus, in- to skate with my friends will, zwizz, and hogan. Skated some spots, got worked, didn't land tricks, got filmed not landing tricks, then went to the skate park. Like i said before i was really tired and was worked, but i ended up skating the hubba in the back. It ruled. Three 14, ok lets say 16, year old girl skaters came near where i was skating and started to talk to me. I saw one of them smoking and asked that if i landed this front tail, could i get a cigarette. She said she only had one more but she implied no. Sick. Now her fat friend said i would get a high five, and pretty much in my mind i said shut up to her. I thought, let me do this front tail on this hubba, back off you stupid bitch. Awesome. So i didn't do it but when i went back up to where they were at, the smoking cigarette girl decided to share her menthol tig with me. Cool.

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