Monday, June 22, 2009


Thanks to a Drunk

I had some food while i was reading or
reading while eating.

i've been an angry fellow

maybe it was the seat.

The class in the morning was philosophy.

Thanks to goodness I'll have something to concentrate my thoughts,

as i was feeling lighter than ever.

reading poems from hell,

life looked more enjoyable.


thanks to Bukowski

I walk into my house straight to the john

maybe it was my hand that was wet.

i sat there and gasped

A beer in hand


Bye Battle

If christianity is to win

and islam is to fight

and judaism is to watch

I hope buddhism is still alive

Voy La

I watch some monks walk
into a room
I peeked to make sure nothing was wrong
A miss sleeps in that room
As the monks surround her
i knew
why they wear their cloaks.

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