Monday, December 27, 2010


Never Be Late

You stumble out of a bar and walk along the sidewalk, knowing where you will go. You look down to your watch and tap it once, drunkenly walking down the sidewalk toward the darkness of the night and faint pink tone that covers it.

You walk and walk through trees, grass and snow until you arrive at the train tracks.
You look around to see if anyone arrived. then you look down at the watch and tap it once.
You decide to sit down in the snow. As time passes you lay down in the snow. You tilt your head toward the arm with the watch and you take a look. Again you tap the watch only one time. You move your head to the left, to the right, looking if someone arrived. Who could it be? You look up to the moon. It feels like words want to come out of your mouth. But they don't.

You nap. Just a quick one but long enough to catch the break of day. As you wake up to the break of day, you stand up tall and stare towards the crack between night and morning. You look at the light seeping through.

The sun has come up. You smile at the sight of the sun. You look down to your watch and tap it three times, still smiling. The sun becomes too bright, You shield your face with your hand. You turn your back to the sun and put your hands into your pockets. You kick a rock on the ground. Then another rock gets kicked out of the way. You pause for a moment.

At last, all we can see is the blue sky.

You think, "I arrived so I could remember something, but
The only thing on my mind was a remark my friend made. She asked me if I ever wanted to scream at the moon."

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