Monday, November 29, 2010


here is some dialogue i wrote for a couple of very short shorts.


A: A person is the nicest right before bed and right when they wake up.
B: Huh?
A: Dreaming is so fun. I’m right.
B: You’re right.
A: How wonderful is it to enter the dream state. It’s joyful. To enter the dream state and to leave the dream state.
B: And?
A: It’s like leaving the theatre after a good play or good movie.
B: I assume entering one you like?
A: You’re right.
B: I’m right.
A: Only at this moment of time, if they didn’t have anything else to worry about, they are very kind at heart.
B: I asked her to come back to me twice.
A: And what did she say?
B: She said no twice.
A: you didn’t give it another go?
B: Three times?
A: Yes a third time.
B: How could I?
A: (Interrupts on “I”) Easy.
B: I went home after a days of work. I was filthy…
A: What you say to her?
B: I went to the bathroom and turned the knob of the hot and cold water…
A: What you say to her?
B: Settled down in my tub in a nice bath.
A: Ey!
B: I just sat there soaking in my own dirt…
A: What did you say to her?
B: I’m sitting in my own filth…
A: You don’t say that to her!
B: What are you talking about?
A: You told her how you felt? How you felt? You’re ridiculous!
B: “You are a very pretty man.”
A: Thank you, I know.
B: No. She said I was a very pretty man.
A: Well I appreciate it.
B: “You are a very pretty man. May I touch your hair? It is perfect.”
A: Well, if you touch my hair it wouldn’t be perfect anymore.
B: That’s what I told her.
A: Well alright. You didn’t do anything wrong then.

We Are So Lucky

 A: Are we going home?
B: It’s really nice outside you know.
A: Are you going home?
B: Yes.
A: Far far far…
B: What?
A: somewhere far, far, far away.
B: Honey, don’t be silly!
A: Geese are silly, I have dignity.
A: Are we going home?
B: We’ll have to see.
A: Why did you give the young woman money?
B: Which young woman?
A: Before the stairs…
B: Hm?
A: With the baby girl…
B: Mm.
A: She was panhandling.
B: Dear, I had to give her money.
A: you know she’s panhandling you.
B: quiet.
A: she’s stealing from you.
B: quiet now.
A: I saw her at a station half way across the city.
B: Why do you hate me?
A: I Don’t hate you.
B: Because your head is on my shoulder.
A: Because I love you!
B: We are so lucky!
A: Home is where we will go.
B: We’ll have to see.
A: I want to help people.
B: You don’t have time. We have to get you straightened up.
B: When you’re in trouble you can’t think of anything else.
A: Oh no…
B: (to herself) “A person can’t be in love if he has got a toothache.”
A: Oh.
B: Nothing! Nothing! Nothing else!
A: will we ever be alright again?
B: will we ever be fine again?
A: Yes, we will. We will be fine!
A: (sings) “This is a man’s world. This is a man’s world. But it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman or girl”
B: (interrupts on “girl”) That’s not my favorite song.
A: I’m sorry I went off earlier.
B: It’s ok.
A: Listen to me. I’m sorry.
B: I understand now.
A: I went insane.
B: be quiet now. I’m telling you. We have a long time to go.
A: Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. (sings) “Happy birthday my dearest. Happy birthday to me.”

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