Wednesday, November 3, 2010


busy with school. writings are coming in very slow. but i have a few things for you. always trust that i'll be putting up "sean's great idea" up. if you haven't checked; "sean's great idea" is an attempt for me and my friend sean (who lives in texas) to keep in touch with each other with pictures. we send each other photo text of a photo taken that day for every single day. so far so good. check his blog too for the actual posts! i'm just copying and pasting his posts! he's also got other stuff on there so check it out!

sean's blog

also me and my friend taylor have a tumblr and we are 320 posts in. JESUS. check it out for some quick inspirations or smiles. peep it


i've gotten a few things in the mail and i hope to get back to those folks asap! also trying to start up another short film. haven't finished editing a previous so i will find more time for that stuff. see you soon.

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