Saturday, September 4, 2010


holy fuck i totally forgot about this blog. i know it's only been 5 days, but i haven't really been shooting fotos. i'm still trying to settle into new york but mainly chillin' in my apt. i got a short story i wrote but i think im gonna clean it up a little bit more before i post it up. for now here's a few things:

started a tumblr with taylor.
shes got writings and i have some writings. also a lot of pictures and a lot of internet finds. check it out and follow us!


a friend made a skate edit of stuff. i don't know the origin or purpose but it's really really awesome!!! it's pretty much a bunch of friends from chicago (named the good ol' boys) skating and their antics.

makes me miss having skate trips...

edited by: PVB

good and ol from paul van berkum on Vimeo.

i'll be back soon enough once i get productive and start school.

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