Tuesday, August 31, 2010


A Brief Case of Migraine

"Don’t jump!" Something told me.
I was tip-toed looking over the fire escape with my hands on the railing.
My migraine hurt. I want a clear mind to decide. Give me just a few damned hours.
The bellboy knocked, and I answered. He found that damn briefcase. That fucking dreadful thing.  So I tipped him a buck.
“Thanks” he grunted.
He walked down the hall. I could hear him mumbling something. I wasn’t sure what he said. I shut the door and was thankful the briefcase was back to me. My head still hurt but I don't have to die today.


Tap tap tap

Thanks for the tip asshole, go kill yourself.

Tap tap tap ding.

Down the elevator, the bellboy went.

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