Friday, May 28, 2010


Grandma's Optimism

My dad hadn't been back to China for twenty years and the family's in China.
everyone was in the family room chatting, talking.The whole family. Smiles where all around.
"it's been twenty years." my father said.
"glad you're back!" everyone shouted.
I could see my grandma in excruciating pain. She had surgery on her left eye. My dad had to see her.
"how old are you now?" my dad joked.
"86" whispered my grandma.
"one of the song sisters lived to 105!" my aunt remarked.
"are you going to live to 105?" my dad asked optimistically.
"yes." she said.
everyone started to laugh, my uncle, my aunts, my cousins and my dad.
All happy to be together.
everyone looked to grandma and expected a smile.
grandma just clenched her eyes.

Bad Timing

The hot summer
left me
with no choice but to get a summer fling.

"I'm sticky" she said "... and i got another man."

Pitch that fling,
it turned to love.

It was a week for shade.
A week
of muggy choke-ridden moisture.
-say something.
what do you say when you have the jitters?
"I've never held you" was only a thought.
He got to her
before me.

here comes rain,
rain kept pouring.
(she loved seeing rain.)
we dodged it over dinner.
I looked so good I could have killed.
She'd be impressed.
"But I'm not very vain." she said softly.
I had a loud sigh.

I watched her soft cheeks.
"Will I ever see you again?" She said softly.
"Where are you going?" she said softly.

"Don't reply." I reminded myself.
I couldn't stand the heat.

"i'm leaving now. it's nice and cool outside"
I stuttered
then stepped in a few puddles.

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