Tuesday, May 11, 2010



im back in the states.

currently in crown point, in.

i should be back in bloomington, in this friday.

i shot some b/w in china. i haven't done that in a while. it might take some time to get that developed because i like developing that myself. i might have to sneak into a lab somewhere (hmmmmmm...). im gonna wait until i settle back in bloomington before i developed the color film (which should be friday). i also have to finish applying to the atlantic acting school. so im gonna be busy. but i got a bunch of cellfone fotos of my china trip to put up. expect those soon.

to play catch up, heres a peek at what me and tubbs were doing:

tubbs's prints

print of michael next to tubbs's print of jeff


i have some more cellfone fotos of before my china trip for you to see. take a peek.

click for bigger.

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