Tuesday, January 19, 2010


That Feeling

Written By: Larry Bao
Insipred By: Michael Shafer

I had a bad feeling in my stomach.

I came home from school trying to forget about the sharp pains.
"I should do the dishes." I said. "Mind over matter right?"
I walked past mom, who was planted in the living room watching t.v., and walked into the kitchen. I got done with the first piece of china, and the sharp pains was still killing me. It was killing me.
I heard my mom getting up. She stood and lingered to the doorway which was connected to the kitchen. "What are you doing honey?" She asked.
"doing the..." The bad feeling was there. "Doing the fucking dishes." I moaned. I moaned hard. "mom?" I asked. " Mom, what are you doing?" I turned around. She was up straight, still as a stone. Here is the bad feeling. I grabbed my stomach.
"Mom?" Hey Mom!" I yelled.
Mommy started convulsing.
Her first epileptic episode.

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