Friday, October 9, 2009


Imagine A Classic Still Life Table Top


It's a spilt jug of water

It's a flower with dead petals fallen off the table

It's a spilt bowl of ripe fruit

A broken lace of a pearl necklace

Where the beads are on the ground

The good taste of wine has expired to no known age

The pen is out of ink

The pencil is out of lead

Golden bread of life has turned green with mold of life

The pumpkin has dried

The seeds of that gourd can he heard

And you keep shakin
keep shakin' it like maracas

Tinted Window

There's a tinted window between me
and that guy

The thing's about 70 percent black
His car up in front to the left
He switches lanes

thinking i'm competing for his


He thinks it's a race
"Pedal to the metal" he says

As he punches past 90

(miles per hour)

But i go faster than him
I swerve a bit but hold my wheel

I never saw him
He saw me and gave me the bird.

Love Dogs

Randolf would give


everything for her
Sally stares at Randy for five minutes,
takes a breath, sits down

points and

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