Friday, March 11, 2011



Why do I just get sucked in?
sucked into all the normal stuff?
I try.
I try hard to be different to think different
to be different. To look different.
I try too hard.
I am different.
But I just get sucked in.
Sucked into the idea that all I need is a wife
and some kids.
A nice house,
a steady job,
a part of the willing society
so I could go home and watch tv.
“Relax” as they say.
It's such a life! Such a life isn’t it?
A friend once asked me, "what is one thing that could truly make you happy?"
I answered, "A child".
She laughed at me but shifted faces, “oddly, I believe you”.
Well there it is.
Nine more months and there it will be.

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