Sunday, July 25, 2010


her name is ana kras. 

her main website (linked above) is stuff she's made. stuff like minimalistic furniture and objects.

her pictures fucking rule too!

she's from serbia and friends with a previous FLICKR FEATURE: MALA MARIJA.

I guess serbia knows what's up.

great stuff. something unique and something i've been psyched on recently.

and click here!!!!

it's a photo blog called ping pong between ana and another photographer sylvain-emmanuel.
they send each other pictures and put them up so it pings and pongs.

its outstanding!!!!!!!

i'm in scan mode right now and images will be up soon. i have an old poem i'm trying to work with so i hope to put that up soon. i haven't really got much inspirations for short writings, but i think it's because finding a place in new york is stressing me out.

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