Thursday, April 22, 2010


My Wife and I

This girl was the talk of the town. I knew how to get to her. The other guys didn’t get it. Everyone said she was a run around sue, but call me roundabout bill! Her name came from that fact that she was the silent, calm type, but a demon in bed. So I hear. Willingly, she let me in her doors. That’s something that came with her name. Easy as that, I was in her home. She laid on the bed, quiet as I expected. I finished my job, went to the bathroom and cleaned up. As soon as I washed myself off, I walked out. I was now in the living room looking for my shoes.

“It’s time for me to get out of here.” I said out loud.
She didn’t budge, still still as a stone lying on the bed with love all over the sheets. It didn’t bother her that love was all over her sheets. She laid and laid. I guess she didn’t hear me.
“I going to go now.” I yelled once more.
No response, but I heard a peep. It must have been a mouse.

Something started to tingle. The tingling turned to warmth, and the warmth to heat. My feet started to burn.
“my sole! My sole!” I yelped.
My sole was burning. The soles of my feet were burning. I was walking on fire. I was sweating. I didn’t know what to do. I had to keep moving, for that was the only way to alleviate the heat. My feet were still burning. It hurt. The distance to the front door was shorter than going back to her bedroom.
In her room I went.

The blinds on the windows were nice. I thought of leaping out. But that’s the difference between me and the other guys. Unlike those beasts, I had a good mind, and a good conscience.
Not wouldn’t, not shouldn’t. I couldn’t let myself jump.
Though, I did think about leaping.

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