Monday, March 22, 2010


back in indiana. currently in crown point. some pictures to share.

ed templeton had a show a skate away from where i was staying.

one of my favs

one of my favs

one of my favs

this is me and schmaltz on both ends of a corner taking a picture of each other, taking a picture of each other. each of ed's pictures was touching and connected to the latter picture all around the room. the pictures are linked in some way visually or thoughtfully from the previous or the further image.

i'll have video of ed's show as soon as i load that.

california hill bombs

killin it

i'll have more pictures from this place.

i think this gave me food poisoning.

my heavy case of butterfingers emerged as i was taking a picture of this with my film camera then i dropped it, the back opened, exposed my film and i thought it was broken.

i sang karaoke for schmaltz's birthday. happy birthday schmaltz!

me peeing, she peeking in

this mood should tell you that having food poisoning on a four hour flight makes the lady next to you super bummed on barfing.

me and schmaltz ate alot.

this picture was blown up from a small jpeg picture found on the web. i was super psyched that they made it so big and pixelated.

i gotta get some film developed, load up some video from my fone, and some other shit. went to the mountains. pictures and video fo that soon to come. a few skate clips taken from my fone too.
i miss nathan already ;( thanks for letting me crash bro! good seeing you too zweisler!!! more to come baby cakes.

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