Saturday, December 26, 2009


My Friend

He had a rough night.
Nothing was wrong but a lot
of beer and blunts, I would say.
My friend sat there showing
me songs of pussy cats
meowing, a good tune.
It was upbeat but sad at the same time.
He fell asleep at the top bunk, while
I was staring up at the bottom of his mattress.
There were no stars, not that
i could see
at least.
I woke up from a horrible dream
to a loud thump.
He had fallen off the bed.
It was dark, I looked into his eyes
when he stumbled back up
onto his feet.
He moaned and groaned
speaking gibberish.
"are you alright?" i asked.
He didn't answer.
He stood up started pissing on the wood floor
and said "I got troubles man, troubles."

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