Thursday, November 5, 2009


just watched the french movie fat girl by catherine breillat. and i would say is a new favorite director of mine. watch it and you'll understand.

but after seeing it, i did some research on her and the movie, then i stumbled on to
roxane mesquida, an actress in the film. the link is to her wiki.

here she is

but she ain't just a pretty face,

"She says she is fiercely opposed to the idea of ever becoming financially dependent to cinéma and that she'd rather do baby-sitting than accept a role in a commercial movie she wouldn't like."

"She wanted to go to Art School (the Beaux-Arts) but finally abandoned the idea to pursue her career in acting. She is still passionate about the Arts and frequents museums."


potentia is on friday. come.


  1. i realized - although it may not be rewatchable, there are certain parts i would rewatch, but more than that, i think about because it's happens so much - i love that - every moment, every interaction - a new interaction with a male, i can't help but think through my head "fat girl, fat girl"

    so - in that, rewatchability if not obtained is not the end of good films - it repeats or echoes or wahtever it a viewers mind